I don't care about you..

...Anymore. You're just like everyone else. Weak. Pointless.

And i won't be here when you return. Not this time. You've got your shot and you're last chans.

Now you run free. And I Will dance in the Wind again. Where no-one can touch me. No-one can break me down.
You just wait and se. And i know you will regret this. And i Won't be the one with a broken heart.
I won't be the one crying in my bed. Crying when i sleep. I won't dream. I won't miss what I didn't have.

You are not important Anymore! You are not a part of my life! You never wore, and you never will.
I asked, and you showed me no.

And you know what? You actually gave ne Nothing! I wasted time, hope and faith in you. And all you gave back was emptiness. For what? You couldn't even be honest to me. Thats Why I leave you here.
For your sake, don't be so stupid that you turn back, you will cry when you do. I won't leave you standing upp this time.
Not after what you did...



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